Collection Settlement

Collection SettlementUnited Credit Consultants assures our clients that we will "go the extra mile" to be sure that every disputable item on your credit reports or in the files of collection companies are addressed. We don't make false promises or idle guarantees. Our clients know that we are always truthful in our consultations and will do whatever is legally possible to alleviate your financial burden and raise your credit scores.

Understanding your Credit is Important

What we do for YOU.

  • We will contact your collection companies and request them to show proof of the validity of your obligations.
  • If a collection agency can show absolute proof that the collection is valid, we will work with you and them to offer a lump sum settlement payment for an amount less than currently owed, and a "Paid In Full" letter from the collection agency to be sent to the credit reporting bureaus, which will clear the collection and improve your credit score.
  • In the event a lump sum payment is not feasible, United Credit Consultants will work with you to prepare a written plan of action to present to the collection agency which will include a comprehensive financial plan that will enable the collections department to evaluate the feasibility of accepting your payback offer plan.
  • Our vast experience in working out settlement and/or repayment plans with collection agency means that if the collection cannot be removed due to true and current information, our expertise and negotiating skills will enable you to reach either a lump sum payment agreement or reasonable payback plan with your collection agency.
  • Our work on your behalf can often prevent a judgment being issued against you to collect the full amount owed, and result in a lump sum settlement payment of less than the original collection, or a repayment plan that will have a lesser impact on your income.