Weekly Credit Report

Radio ShowsUnited Credit Consultants™ LIVE Radio Program "The Weekly Credit Report" LIVE Sundays from 8am – 9am on K-TWIN 96.3FM. The host of the radio program and the President and CEO of United Credit Consultants, Joseph McGlynn hosts and produces this LIVE weekly radio program on K-TWIN 96.3FM.

United Credit Consultants™ has brought its message to the airwaves. Every Sunday, the president and CEO of United Credit Consultants, Joseph McGlynn, hosts a LIVE radio program from 8am and running until 9am. The program, “The Weekly Credit Report” is on Sundays on K-TWIN 96.3FM. This station is the home of the Minnesota Twins™. United Credit Consultants™ and The Weekly Credit Report is currently endorsed by Paul Molitor as well.

"While I am very proud with United Credit Consultants™ and all of its success, I am most proud of my radio show. Education is my passion, knowledge is power, being able to teach 10 to 12 thousand listeners each week is a powerful thing! I love knowing that on any given Sunday, anywhere between 10 -12 thousand listeners are tuned in to the program simply to be informed and educated on the topic and service I am offering and speaking on. There are a number of valuable pieces of information that far too many consumers are missing, It is our hope that the radio program will serve to inform a broad range of consumers about positively impacting their credit score."
~ President and CEO , Joseph McGlynn.

This live radio show based in the Minneapolis MN (Minnesota) area. It is a credit related and credit education show that is on Sunday mornings from 8-9 am on K-TWIN 96.3FM. Each week, the show will provide a 360-degree understanding of your credit so you are armed with the tools and information you need to make smarter financial decisions. Get answers to your credit questions from recognized experts from United Credit Consultants™. Whatever your credit dilemma, they have the answers! If you're interested in improving your credit, or have credit questions, you owe it to yourself to tune in to K-TWIN every Sunday 8am – 9am on 96.3FM.