United Credit Consultants, First I want to thank you for all your help, and I greatly appreciate all of yours and your teams hard work on helping me get my credit restored!
My current scores have improved to the following:
TransUnion= 741
Because of this, I was able to get out of that "ARM" and get my house refinanced at 4.8% which will save me almost $280.00 a month. Lets just say I am a very happy person!!!
~ Kyle G. / Elk River, MN
I just wanted to say thank you to United Credit Consultants for all of the wonderful service they have been giving my clients. I believe that even clients with tough credit just need the right people to help them so they are able to recover and go on to purchase the home they so deserve. With the help of Joe and his company I have my clients in good hands! So again thank you to United Credit Consultants. Stephanie Walgrave - RE/MAX Advantage Plus
We were in a position where we had everything we needed to get the new house that my wife and I really wanted...except for the mortgage. After I spent 45 minutes at your office, I realized I made the right choice. As of today just 2 months into your program, my scores have taken off! I was pre-approved in 5 weeks and my score raised 133 points!!!
Thank you for everything!! Thomas P. - Lakeville, MN
I have given your information to several friends and family menmbers who were very impressed with the work you have provided fromyour team at United Credit Consultants. Thank you so much for helping us. I have also called the Better Business Bureau and I told them about your services and how much you have helped me. Again, I can't show you how much we value your services, so my wife and I will continue to let people we encounter know about United Credit Consultants. Please give a special thanks to Mr. McGlynn for his constant communication while working diligently on our accounts. Thanks for everything! Aaron & Beth S. - Eagan, MN
It was so nice to go to Best Buy this past weekend with my husband and be approved! I would never have been approved before your help. Thanks for everything.
Kathy M. - Hopkins, MN
My experience with United Credit Consultants has been three fold. First, my faith in the credit repair industry has been greatly renewed by the professionalism, honesty, and timeliness exemplified by UCC. Secondly, the amount of education that I have received in understanding credit and how it works is the underlying reason why I have enjoyed by relationship with UCC. Finally, without the expertise of United Credit Consultants I would not be in my current position of witnessing my credit score rise, and also becoming a first time home buyer.
Femi - Farmngton, MN
My credit was such a mess and to be honest I had pretty much gave up on the idea of ever having good or even decent credit for that matter! I had contemplated everything, even filing bankruptcy because other credit repair companies just could not help! Everything I wanted was an obstacle I had to go through. That is until I found United Credit Consultants! I want to thank you guys so much for all your help and support, within 30 days my credit score jumped dramatically and just kept getting better ! I am so thankful to have found your service and have recommended it to all my family and friends!
Riley F. - Minneapolis, MN